The Road Less Traveled.

 While technology can be a good thing, there are times when I really question the serious need for it. I even dislike using my bank card; I like the feel of a few bucks in my pocket. That crisp crinkly feeling of some cash is a reassuring thing to me. Another excellent example is GPS. I don’t own a GPS and have never really had any desire to get one. I am sure they have their moments when they are handy, perhaps in my car or in a work vehicle they may be a great tool. Some of the time I spent driving a tractor trailer saw me using a GPS to locate customers I had never been to before. But GPS for my bike? No thanks.

 I have traveled with people who use them and they did save some headaches considering we were heading to areas we had never traveled before plus a tight schedule with some appointments to meet. But I don’t know, we followed them blindly like lost sheep and frankly I am 100% sure we would have made it there without the electronic device. The machine picked the most direct route to our destination I suppose, which ended up being much of what motorcycle writer and icon Max Burns refers to as the Trash Canada Highway. When we got to our destination with plenty of time to spare, I said see ya and went out on my own, trusty road map in the pocket of my tank bag and did some exploring of the area’s sights and roads.

 Isn’t much of the point of riding exactly that; to get out there and explore? Why do you need a machine to direct you where to go? I know, I know, when you find a cool spot you can enter it in to the GPS and you’ll be able to find it again. I do something similar, it’s called memory and it has rarely failed me and in the process I have seen places and met people I otherwise wouldn’t have. I’m not so sure the GPS would have taken me down some of the same routes I have traveled.

 I have even had an email tirade with a former associate who claimed I must not do any long distance riding because there is no way I could without GPS. Whatever buddy, ever heard of a map? Ever tried talking to the locals for tips on where the gold is? When you have the miles logged that I have, come and see me.


About the only electronic device I seriously enjoy using while riding is my iPod. It’s nice to have a bit of music to listen to while riding, but caution must be used; your ability to hear what is happening around is limited. Not much difference from a radio playing in a car I guess. Although I have to admit while listening to certain songs I do notice my speed tends to increase. Tony Iommi’s guitar work seems be to especially speed inducing.

 There are so many areas to tour why would you need to be told where to go by an electronic device? When it comes right down to it, wouldn’t you rather just get out there and explore? How many times have just made a turn on to some road, just because you wondered where it went? There are countless times I have done this and more often than not the rewards are worth any misgivings. It’s easy to turn around if the road turns out bad or boring. Turn off the GPS or leave it at home, you will still get to your destination; it may take you longer than you originally thought, just remember, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.


~ by cdnrider on June 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Road Less Traveled.”

  1. I can agree to a certain degree. I’m not one for all this fancy technology, however like you claim as well there are times where it does help and simply make things easier. I am part of a forum that I think you should check out and read some of the great things all these other riders have to share. It’s at

  2. Interesting read!

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